Split Figure (MP3)


Split Figure (MP3)



01. Roman Ruins (3:45)
02. Like A Statue (3:27)
03. Mine Is Mine (3:36)
04. Split Figure (5:01)
05. Mesolithic (3:59)
06. Wounded Desire (3:31)
07. Out Of Metaphors (3:06)
08. Shade Of Pride (3:34)
09. Complicated Heart (4:00)
10. Tunnel Joy (4:06)

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“We are all split down the middle,” says singer/rhythm guitarist Brian J. Cohen of the album title. “There is an inner self that reflects what we think we are, and an outer self that is how others really perceive us. True self-knowledge is when you become aware of each, and begin to reconcile both into one.”

The albumʼs cover art, Paul Kleeʼs 1927 watercolor Physiognomic Lightning, further underscores this idea. While teaching at the Bauhaus, Klee assigned his students to somehow make two discrete shapes—a line & circle—occupy the same space so as to form a new identity altogether. This was Kleeʼs own attempt at the assignment. Does the great black zig zag that splits the figure symbolize the self commenting on itself through its own shadow?

See for yourself. And thanks for listening.