About Grand Gallop

Grand Gallop Music was originally founded by Luke Top in 2004 out of a San Fernando Valley garage. It's birthing was the answer to the burning question, (at a time when digital commerce was not quite the behemoth it is today) "how do we put out our own music?" The answer: start a label that releases limited edition hand screened CD EPs that "caters to the hidden light of a select bunch". In collaboration with a printing press, Grand Gallop sold small runs of CDs by mailorder and through independent record stores across the USA. Most of these releases are now sold out, with the occasional unit found on eBay, being sold by someone who clearly has lost touch with his/her inner child. The label served as a launchpad for it's artists who went on to have impressive careers, forming bands (Fool's Gold, Foreign Born) and touring the world for years. At which point the label subsided and was swallowed up by circumstance. UNTIL NOW. Grand Gallop has relaunched, more than 10 years later to continue the tradition of releasing new music by a community of talented friends. Stay tuned.

A snapshot from the original Grand Gallop website, including it's first 3 EP releases: